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Nearly every discussion on how to manage the risk for BRCA mutation carriers goes back to the preventive surgeries: mastectomy and oophorectomy. But while these surgeries are very effective for reducing risk, they are not without their own risks. Mastectomy can affect sexuality and body image. To me, these risks seem manageable. I feel they […]

Follow up to my previous post: I found a very nice response to inane comments directed at Lizzie Stark after coming publicly about her mastectomy. The writer of that response, Steph, also wrote another more general response to handling negative reactions from people about prophylactic mastectomy. Actually the link I posted earlier was a later […]

In my post about reconstruction, I didn’t get into the so-called controversy of prophylactic breast mastectomy (PBM). Well, after running across enough of comments from people who question a women’s decision to do PBM, I gotta vent some. Here’s a common case: A woman decides to go public with her PBM to raise awareness of […]

A brand-spanking new research study to chew on while making decisions: Survival Analysis of Cancer Risk Reduction Strategies for BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers. Kurian AW, Sigal BM, Plevritis SK. PURPOSE: Women with BRCA1/2 mutations inherit high risks of breast and ovarian cancer; options to reduce cancer mortality include prophylactic surgery or breast screening, but their efficacy […]