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I just called the cancer agency today to follow up on my BRCA testing referral. Here in Canada, I need a doctor’s referral to the cancer agency for genetic counselling and testing. I just moved to Canada four months ago. So first I had to find a doctor, which everyone will tell you is very […]

Nearly every discussion on how to manage the risk for BRCA mutation carriers goes back to the preventive surgeries: mastectomy and oophorectomy. But while these surgeries are very effective for reducing risk, they are not without their own risks. Mastectomy can affect sexuality and body image. To me, these risks seem manageable. I feel they […]

It really doesn’t help to find out about the family BRCA mutation news while dealing with a persistent 6-month old low back pain.  It came on quickly while sitting long days in the office.  I assumed it was bad posture, too much sitting, and not enough exercise.  It was a bit more specific than others […]