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This last weekend I decided to go visit my family. During Christmas time, my grandmother and I found out that we have a shared interest in family history. So I made good on my promise to visit her and help her go through the large stack of papers she has. Although she has gone so […]

Family History


I finally got word back from the cancer agency today. The holidays slowed things down it seems.  Anyways, they sent me six pages of forms to fill out, mostly of my family history. I imagine that for many people this is a bit of a pain to fill out. But since my mother and grandmother […]

The more I look on the Internet for information on hereditary breast cancer and the BRCA genes, the more disinformation I find. I think some of the inane comments I have seen are due to a general lack of knowledge of genetics and the risks of BRCA mutations. I was pretty clueless myself just a […]

Found an article from last year’s U.S. News and World Report called BRCA Mutations Don’t Raise Breast Cancer Risk Equally. This was the topic of my post on Risk Diversity. Happy to see there is some mainstream news on it, but as the researcher quoted in the article notes: “To some extent, people have traditionally […]

In my last post, I forgot to mention a very obvious example of “reincarnation” in science: genes. Everyone of us could be said to be reincarnating a part of our biological mother and father. But I think I should add to this discussion that I am being quite liberal in my interpretation of Buddhism. I […]

The Other Shoe


The news of a BRCA mutation in my family has sent me on a rollar coaster of feelings lately.  My mother got tested as a result of her recent breast cancer diagnosis and our family history.  For us, a positive result is actually a good thing. Our risk of cancer has already been high because […]