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My cousin this year made it her new year’s resolution to face her risk for BRCA2 and get tested.  Good that she did, because she found out she was negative for the mutation.  That said, seems like a good time to share the following notice from my email: This initiative will offer free breast and ovarian cancer […]

My 35th birthday is coming up soon and it’s a significant number to me.  This was the number when I promised myself I would take action about my family’s heredity breast cancer risk.  That was nearly six years ago I made the promise to myself and, when I did, it seemed like I had all […]

I watched a documentary tonight called Do You Really Want To Know?  It follows three families with Huntington’s Disease, a rare disease which progressively damages the brain and eventually leads to death.  There are no known cures and limited treatment options.  It is also caused by a genetic mutation.  Since 1993, testing has been available […]



Last week I got the call the blood test results are ready.  I chose to schedule an in-person meeting to find out the results, and today was the day.  I have spent the last week getting mentally ready.  Requested a day off work, let some close family members know the news was coming in soon, […]

Blood test


I got my blood requisition form this Wednesday and went for the blood draw the next morning.  So the clock is officially counting down.  And I am getting antsy again for more data.  I know I have googled this to death before.  Yet I am at it again.  Tonight I found an article which I read a […]

I had my genetic counselling appointment today.  Although I had one previously, it was about four years ago. So the high risk program set me up for another.  I am not sure if I had a choice or not in the matter, but I certainly didn’t mind having a refresher.  The appointment was for an hour […]

Free My Data


Since it’s been nearly four years since I last read up on the major findings BRCA1/2 research, I have been expecting to find some exciting new news.  So here’s one new tidbit I have found: the Free My Data movement. This is initiative setup by a consortium of genetic companies and researchers to encourage BRCA patients (including […]



My (second) genetic consultation is coming up soon.  BRCA is certainly on my mind more than usual.  And my mind is not thinking the along the usual lines. When going through the shock, worry, and frustration of learning about BRCA the first time, I made up my mind that I would face up to the […]



Tonight I tried to wade through the papers of my financial life.  Not sure why I thought tonight would be a good time, but I guess wanted at least some sense of accomplishment today and a feeling that I am pulling a few things back into order.  I didn’t get too far but it’s got […]

Four years of screening later…  I am still here.  My mom is not. I’m stumbling back to this blog to write because I don’t really know where else to go.  I first started this blog when I had just found out my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was hereditary.  Not having […]