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I just called the cancer agency today to follow up on my BRCA testing referral. Here in Canada, I need a doctor’s referral to the cancer agency for genetic counselling and testing. I just moved to Canada four months ago. So first I had to find a doctor, which everyone will tell you is very […]

Follow up to my previous post: I found a very nice response to inane comments directed at Lizzie Stark after coming publicly about her mastectomy. The writer of that response, Steph, also wrote another more general response to handling negative reactions from people about prophylactic mastectomy. Actually the link I posted earlier was a later […]

In my post about reconstruction, I didn’t get into the so-called controversy of prophylactic breast mastectomy (PBM). Well, after running across enough of comments from people who question a women’s decision to do PBM, I gotta vent some. Here’s a common case: A woman decides to go public with her PBM to raise awareness of […]



I read some message board posts recently saying that a woman should not get tested for a BRCA mutation if she is not considering preventive surgeries. Supposedly, this logic came from genetic counsellors. Although I understand that we have to consider the impact that anxiety can have on people’s quality of life, I still don’t […]

To offset all the fears I have about testing positive for our family’s BRCA mutation, I have been trying to imagine that I already am positive and think about the choices I would have.  For someone like me, who likes to plan things out, this really does bring me comfort. One of the things I […]



In the community of BRCA+ people, there has been a new word developed for people who have tested positive for a deleterious mutation but no history of cancer: previvor.  It’s purpose is to help give a label and acknowledge the similarities that carriers face with those who do have cancer. I mean no offence to […]