Information is Power


My cousin this year made it her new year’s resolution to face her risk for BRCA2 and get tested.  Good that she did, because she found out she was negative for the mutation.  That said, seems like a good time to share the following notice from my email:

This initiative will offer free breast and ovarian cancer genetic testing to all 30-year-old women in the Madison/Huntsville community. The test kits will test for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, as well as 21 others.

In addition, men and women 19 years and older who live in the surrounding counties have the opportunity to purchase the test at a reduced cost of $99.

If you do not live in the surrounding counties, the cost is $225.

The test are made by Kailos Genetics, a HudsonAlpha associate company that is collaborating with HudsonAlpha on this groundbreaking initiative. The idea came about at our 2014 annual cancer fundraiser Tie the Ribbons, when keynote speaker Dr. Mary-Claire King challenged us to be the first to offer free testing to women 30-years of age.

For more info, see the Hudson Alpha website.


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