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Yesterday the topic of my breasts came up between my girlfriend and I. She had just seen an artwork which included a collage of women’s breasts in plaster of Paris. She told me it made her think of me and mastectomies. I was taken back a little. The way she described the artwork, it didn’t […]

I feel my “BRCA vacation” is coming to an end. I haven’t heard a word from my genetics counselor and I feel I must take action. Odd that she really impressed me at our meeting, but she’s completely dropped the ball since then. She had several tasks that she was going to follow up with […]

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This blog has gotten neglected the last few weeks. Life has gotten the better of me. Since my genetic counselling appointment, I unconsciously took a “BRCA break.” For the first time since hearing about BRCA, I stopped thinking about it all the time. I had several days where it was the last thing on my […]