Inane Comments Continued


Follow up to my previous post: I found a very nice response to inane comments directed at Lizzie Stark after coming publicly about her mastectomy. The writer of that response, Steph, also wrote another more general response to handling negative reactions from people about prophylactic mastectomy.

Actually the link I posted earlier was a later interview with Lizzie Stark. Her real news-generating interview was on MSNBC. The comments to that interview were even more prolific and inane than the previous story I linked to. WARNING: Don’t click that comment link if you’re feeling a bit sensitive. Lizzie was understandably surprised by the attacks but handled them very well in her follow-up response to the publicity. Reading these responses, I thought they were useful in showing me how to handle these “inane comments.”

By the way, is it possible to get news agencies to stop allowing public comments unless they rigorously moderate them? More than once, I have been dumb enough to keep scrolling past the end of a news article and get a glimpse of the latest comments. Finding a thoughtful or insightful comment on most of those forums is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Well, as I mentioned before, my favourite approach to handling these inane comments is to find humour in them. So I would like to add a few more to the list that I started the other day:

Inane comment types #4 and #5: “If you get cancer, it must be your fault” and “You are just taking the easy way out with amputation.”

It is a comforting thought to think that it is not my fault, its in the genes nothing I can do or could have done. Well the only person responsible for your health is you, the only way you can get better is if you do it, sorry its not easy, I’ve been there. In todays pill popping society if there is not a drug to “fix it” (drugs fix nothing) we take it out, cut it off, radiate it or chemo it.

Inane comment type #6: “Don’t put your trust in the math and medical science that has saves lives of countless people everyday, just trust my god and he’ll take care of you.”

Our problem is that our loyalty to science outweighs our loyalty to the creator and owner of the universe. It may sound didactic but with God all things are possible. You rip off the breast of a young girl because of 85% scientific calculation which does not even take care of the remaining 15%. … Concentrate and exercise your faith. Science place facts on the table; faith leads to the truth. God is able and God is in you. I am interested in this case and I know God is interested too. Let us disturb God about it and see if he is an unkind God.

Inane comment type #7: “I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying because I am really worried about my self-calculated 0.2% chance of dying in a car accident.”

okay…I’m a male commenting… . BUT. as written, a 1 in 1000 chance is an odds that I’d consider carefully before a “pre-emptive”anything. After all, if you drive a car for 50 years, your odds in a car crash causing death is 1 in 500.


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